If you'd like a tour, please call (712) 335 4201.  


The church is at 600 2nd Ave SW (south of the intersection of Highways 3 & 4) and the office is in the SE corner of the building.

St Peter is a church of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) which means we ...

Proclaim the grace of God for all of creation
Proclaim that the Cross is sufficient
Are called to a "horizontal" faith of service to the neighbor both next door and across the globe
The greatest commandment is to love as we have been loved 

Worship Sunday 9:00 am
The Sacrament of the Table (communion) is celebrated on the first and third Sundays - all are welcome to this table

Preaching and presiding: Rev. Joy Gonnerman

Great Luther quotes. 

"Faith is not merely a statement, it is a life into which we are invited." 

"A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none.  A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant, subject to all." 

Teaching windows are a German Lutheran tradition.  Does it give people something to look at during the preaching? Does it offer illustrations to theological points? Do they offer moments of inspiration? Do they add remarkable color?  Yes!