Tour Buses

Tour Buses

The group tour market has changed.


Many group tour participants are no longer content with the "one size fits all" approach.  Pocahontas offers a mix of the old ways and the new ways for your tour group.  A stop at the Indian Princess Statue is noteworthy to all on the bus.  Next - bring them all downtown for their own unique experience.  Some will want to make their own kaleidoscope or marbled silk scarf.  Others will want to taste some Iowa wines.  Still others have a fascination with a computerized quilting machine.  And there's more!  Visit each of our Artisan Pages for their offerings and create your own experience.

From Baby Boomers Travelling

"These travelers are also looking for more flexibility in their itineraries, smaller groups and more opportunities to be intellectually and emotionally engaged in activities."

From Metro for motorcoach & transit business.

 “There’s a much bigger move toward experiential travel, where people really get a feel and a flavor and maybe actually take part in activities that are unique to that location.”

From CCRA Travel Commerce Network

"Travelers in this generation are looking for unique, local and 'hands on' experiences that are tailored to their passion and zest for lifelong learning."

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